Larry Berlack was brought up in a family that believed you get more from giving then you do from receiving. From a young age he did volunteer work with his parents and on his own. When he was 13, he was featured in the Plano Star Telegram for cleaning out an old graveyard in Collin County that had been neglected for many decades. He always enjoyed helping others for the sake of helping others. When Larry started Ameritech, he wanted to continue helping others in new and creative ways. Larry understood that anyone can give money, but he had the opportunity to help people in need with his electrical knowledge and the company that he had started. One day a phone call came in from an emergency teen shelter in Plano. There power had been shut off for code violations. Larry worked personally with the City of Plano and the teen shelter to come up with a way to get the power back on to such an important facility. The entire electrical system needed to be rebuilt from scratch.

Ameritech Electrical donated all of the labor and working with local suppliers got all of the materials at a deep discount. Overnight Ameritech installed a new electrical system for the whole building and got the power back on so the shelter could continue to do the thankless work that was so desperately needed. The teen shelter was so appreciative they nominated Ameritech Electrical for volunteer of the year in Collin County in 2004. Ameritech Electrical’s volunteering didn’t stop there. Over the years Ameritech has donated its services to anyone that needs it.

If you are in need of Ameritech Electrical’s help, please call Larry Berlack directly at (972)672-7794 or click HERE to send a message to Larry. If there is anything that Larry and Ameritech Electrical can do to help your non-profit please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.